She's a natural people person, and that's really important when you're working with others (like myself) who haven't had professional photos done before or are otherwise ill-at-ease. She is creative and confident, but you won't feel bossed around by her at all. 
- Casey Floyd, Knoxville, TN

THE ONLY PHOTOGRAPHER I WILL EVER TRUST WITH PRECIOUS MEMORIES! Our wedding day turned into chaos with a perfectly timed flash flood directly over our OUTDOOR venue. Prior to and throughout the hiccups, Janelle and her husband, Miles, kept on their game and never let my husband or I see them sweat. We trusted them entirely. At the end of the day I'd hope for 6-12 great pictures of my husband and I, and we got so, so much more! Our wedding seemed so much more beautiful than I'd be able to comprehend! We got to relive our day thru photos and will for the rest of our lives. Trust her. You are in the best hands. 
- Lauren Marie, Pittsburgh, PA

I am so pleased with the service, results, and experience that I got with Janelle Hamrick Photography. From settings to outfit planning, she was with me every step of the way. But not only was her service excellent, she also got EXACTLY the kind of photos I was looking for. 
- Christina Russ, West Palm Beach, FL

. Absolutely love her energy, her professionalism and the many things she does to get you comfortable in front of the camera. Ideally she wants you to forget that she is there and do you. Trust me, you will enjoy the shoot and adore the photos.
- Gracelyn Fiona, Wellington, FL

 She has become a permanent fixture in our family and she will be capturing our lives on canvas for a very long time.
- Michele Mockenhaupt, Parkland, FL

From the beginning to the actual session, she was amazing and truly interested in hearing what we wanted. She was also wonderful with our children. Her warm nature put the kids at ease and her bubbly personality got them excited to take photos. On a scale of 1 – 10, I give her a 12. 
- Patrick Pinto, Sicklerville, NJ

Janelle is one of the best. Beyond her uncanny attention to detail, she has a way of relating and bringing out the best in her subjects. She has a warm yet direct approach which lets allows her to transform a nervous first-timer into a professional model. I love working with Janelle Hamrick.
- Poweredby PsycMedia, College Park, GA

My husband hates taking photos and rarely smiles when photographed. I was so impressed by how comfortable Janelle made him feel in front of her camera. She was able to capture him on film in a way that represented everything wonderful about his presence.  Janelle is gifted with the ability to see and capture beauty.
- Kareema George, Delray Beach, FL

Janelle has a beautiful heart, and it's expressed in her passion for photography. She makes us feel so comfortable during our sessions. Every time we have a session with Janelle, we feel that we are with family. 
- Donna Phillips, Royal Palm Beach, FL