we all have a story. what's yours?

I want to know. 

I strive to tell real-life stories about real-life people. About you. About the people you love and the things you celebrate or overcome. I follow the moment. I approach each session with an open mind, honoring the mood and unique vibe. My hope is that you sense this genuine energy from me and it helps you feel safe, connected and accepted. I want to capture you. Authentically. Nothing makes me happier.

I appreciate the unknown, the quirks, the history. How we're all so different. How it all lends to creative, surprising, individual storytelling. Documenting what is important for other people through photography is my way of trying to give back something good to the world. Photographs become more precious as the years pile up. Photographs say what words can't. Photographs help us remember the details that memory often forgets. 

I want to meet everyone. I want to hear your stories while constantly re-learning that we all ultimately share the same joys and suffering. Life is complicated and messy and bleeding with beauty and richness. It's your story. Own it. Embrace it. Let me help you tell it. 

my story
We get one life. We want to spend it a million different ways, prioritizing what matters most to us. I've done the cube farms, I've done the 9 to 5 and had jobs that deflated my soul like a sad balloon. I've had the jobs I thought I "should" have. A few years ago I started exploring what made me feel fulfilled in this short little life. I realized some things about myself have always remained true: I love connecting, sharing experiences, talking about real struggles and successes and accepting our humanness. I've always loved traveling, writing, creating, learning. I like having my hands in different projects. I enjoy colors and art. I want to help people feel better, happier, even if it's just for an afternoon. I want to do something I love.  

Photography has been a part of my life since high school but I was always more concerned about capturing the people and the moment rather than focusing on the technicalities. I took a chance and decided to go deeper with it. I took classes, read and practiced as much as I could. I photographed anyone who was willing to be a guinea pig. Five years later and I still learn so much about people and myself with every session. It has been one of the best, most challenging, and richest experiences of my life. 

I'm also a real estate photographer for a wonderful company – I enjoy it so much because I love exploring homes (home tour addict right here, folks) and being able to photograph them on top of that is the sweetest luck ever. I also donate sessions to families dealing with terminal illnesses, which has been extremely humbling.

All of this. All these ways I can give back. All from that once chance, that one hope, that one spark of faith. 

I'm a photographer because I want to freeze moments in time. I believe in the power and legacy of photos. Life is art.