It's your space. You know its quirks and best features better than anyone else. It's where only you know how the light falls through the windows on a rainy Saturday in spring. And how the sound of the fridge hums the house to sleep late at night. And where the floor creaks if you step on it.

Home, where challenges and triumph unfold. Where you've made pancakes on a lazy Saturday morning, where you've soothed scraped knees and whispered bedtime stories to heavy eyelids. Where you celebrate family birthday traditions and drink wine after a day of Too Much Adulting. Where you watch movies in a tangle of limbs. Where you learn to cook or be a parent.

The walls hold your laughter. The mirrors watch you change. 

Home is where you've loved and argued and made promises.

Where the moments you hold closest to your heart happen, the moments that are born in the place you feel the safest. 

Home is where you grow life and love.

I want to help you create art from your journey. Candidly. Authentically. 

Give me a few hours of your time and I will try my best to show you how beautiful you are in your most natural state. xo