weaver family session

Forgive me, I've been away!

In addition to being busy with portrait sessions I've also been shooting real estate properties five days a week. As someone who loves, loves, loves exploring homes old and new, it's been the perfect weekday gig for me. Photographing historical mansions with preserved, original wallpaper and ornate etchings in the staircases? Yes, please! Clicking away to capture lavish abodes stocked with the best of the best in architectural details? Sign me up! And don't even get me started on how much I love checking out the smaller, older homes in the city, bubbling with character and whispered stories dying to be told.

Also, we closed on a beautiful, quirky and so-very-us home a couple of months ago and combined with moving in, home projects, family and friend visits, birthdays, anniversaries and the holidays, it's safe to say I've been pretty distracted. 

So what better way to warm up and make my way back than with a blog stuffed full of images of one of my favorite families? Enjoy!