I've been photographing Reagan ever since she was a sweet little newborn. I've watched her grow from a sleepy baby to an inquisitive toddler and as you'd imagine, it's one of the best parts of the job!

As I'm editing photos after a session, sometimes I'll see what people's quirks are, especially if it's a repeat client. I've noticed that Reagan likes to put her arms out with caution when she's nervous or concerned or checking out the weird looking flower that she's not quite so sure she wants to get close to. Her little fingers gingerly stretch out into the air and her eyebrows get high, and it -- well, it's really, really cute. When I was editing these photos and I noticed she had done it again, I giggled. It's definitely a baby Reagan quirk! She's also very expressive. When she smiles, her whole face lights up, from her forehead to her chin; when she's upset, she's very firm about it in her body language. She's full of gasps and wonderment.

We lost quite a few balloons during our session and she was brimming with concern each and every single time. She would watch them float into the air, covering her mouth or pressing her hands to her chin (see below for examples of this adorable-ness), and then she would crane her neck to the sky and search for them with wide eyes. And then she would look at us and laugh and squeal. How do you not have a good Saturday starting off with a morning like that, right?

Pretty in pink.

Reagan was so concerned when we lost the first balloon.

This is Reagan's ADORABLE "proceed with caution" pose.

Such a beautiful little person.

We couldn't keep the strings out of her mouth!

Watching the balloons go up, up and away!

Those lashes, those flowers... Precious!