gaus wedding

When it came to weather, Tony and Lauren's wedding was quite an adventure. We knew there was a hefty chance it might rain that evening for the 6:00 o'clock ceremony, but we were a little hopeful because the skies had held out all day.

Until they opened. 

With it came gusty winds and buckets of rain. It poured. And poured. And poured. Did I mention this was half hour before the ceremony was supposed to start? We changed locations, moving from the outside gardens, to inside the tent, and we finally decided on the indoor gardens. Tony and Lauren handled the situation with a lot of patience and hope – and communication! When I was with Lauren, she would express concern for Tony; when I was with Tony, the look in his eyes told me he was worried about Lauren. Up until the ceremony, I watched them depend on each other through texting – probably venting, probably laughing about the circumstances or maybe even wishing they had eloped – but no matter what, they leaned on each other through and through. It was plain to see they: They are a team.

The moment Lauren walked through the doors and met Tony's eyes, her face lit up with a wide, gorgeous smile, a smile I hadn't seen all day. And I think if Tony had had his way, he would've grabbed her up right then and there and kissed her. They were so incredibly happy, and relieved, to see each other. The ceremony was filled with adoration, a few laughs, and breathtaking vows. Lauren looked like she had stepped out of a magazine with her handsome groom beside her.

When the rain finally stopped, the evening fell into a sweet, easy groove. The skies became rich with purples and pinks, the wine flowed, and everyone enjoyed some really, really good cake. (Lauren, you are a Cake Goddess – a whiz at making them and picking them out!)

Thank you both for inviting us out to the Phipps Center in Pittsburgh to celebrate this beautiful milestone with you. Congratulations!