kershner picnic

The story behind this entry could probably be summed up like this: As soon as I saw this park I instantly pictured a romantic picnic scene so I rallied my friends a few days later to be my subjects and we spent an about hour enjoying wine and cheese and snapping pictures. While being eaten alive by bugs. But it was worth it. ::hearts:: The end. 

But the real version is it threatened to rain the whole time, the air left our skin feeling sticky and every corner was dotted with families due to Labor Day weekend. Also, the bugs were everywhere and they were hungry. I felt like I was swimming in them (yeah, I'm sorry for that image too – shudder!) but that's exactly how it felt. But I was too impatient and too excited and it was our only free night, so we rolled with it. And I'm really glad we did. This ended up being one of my favorite sessions. 

We set up our props (the wine and cheese were very, very real; I made sure to stop for a second and have a taste of each) and I started shooting. I didn't get the gorgeous golden light that I was hoping for that I had seen the day my husband brought me here to scope it out (what a sweet guy, right? My biggest support!) but we did find the cozy little corner that I had been crossing my fingers for was open and clear. Score!

After stopping by the water to take few more photos, we wrapped up in an hour and headed out to dinner at a restaurant with a funny name – long story. The food was just okay, but we had enjoyed a nice evening together at the park and we were in cheery spirits. 

Yaaaay, thank you Angie and Josh for being such good sports and for letting me capture your love! xx