gabby's high school senior session

I'm totally and completely guilty of falling behind on my blog. Yikes. Between a packed schedule and the holidays and getting knocked down by a cold and sinus issues (more than once!), well, you know how it can go... But I'm back and chugging along, and that's what matters! :-)

I'm on a mission to catch up and share some details about the many, many wonderful, fun, interesting sessions I've had in the past few months, starting with Gabby. Last October Gabby flew from California to West Palm Beach on a Friday evening so we could shoot her high school senior session during the weekend. This sensitive, intelligent young lady is remarkably insightful and kind, and I've had the pleasure of working with her family a couple of times, namely her parents, two of my most favorite clients ever. They're an incredibly close unit that supports and uplifts each other, and it's one of the most inspiring family dynamics I've ever been lucky to witness. Seriously.

Gabby is very easy to be around. She's calm and peaceful and she smiles a lot, but she also has a quiet fierceness about her – and it was my job to make sure I captured all these sides of this amazing young lady. Gabby plans to go to law school so we made sure to stop in front of the Palm Beach court house and over the span of two sessions and a few lovely outfit changes, we pulled it all together seamlessly before she was flying back home Sunday night. She was a total champ and powered through the jet lag – that time difference can really do a number on anyone. That's when the coffee came in and made its debut in the photos. Heh.

Gabby, I wish you wide, open doors and amazing experiences, always. Congratulations!