kerri's beach session

Grandparents + grandkids + beach = color me happy!

Except, it was verrrry windy and a little chilly so there wasn't going to be any walks on the beach. We made the best of it, though, and still got some pretty cute photos in the end. Meg and Ben are beautiful kids – I say that about all my kid clients because it's true! – and you can find their sweet little faces in quite a few photos on my website.

I really enjoy taking photos of family generations. These are the kinds of photos, to me, that are priceless, the ones we're likely to pull out years and years later to remember our lives, where we study faces to see if we share the same features or quirks.

Meg's mom Kerri packed a few wonderfully colorful outfits for the session, including a pretty blue swimsuit, so, windy weather be damned, we put them on and had fun on the sand anyway! Funnily enough, one of my most favorite pics from the session is the last image I took that day, one of Meg staring off in the distance, her fiery red hair blowing just the right way as the sunlight faded behind her. Check it out at the end of the this entry. Thanks for stopping by!