birdsong family session

Theme of This Session: Happy.

The Birdsongs are a delight. Just look at these photos if you need any more proof besides my own personal declaration. The smiles, the embraces, the closeness... It's in every picture. This was one of the easiest and most delightful sessions I've had - there's nothing I love more than sitting back and letting a family be themselves, while I document their relationships.

The last time I photographed Shamekka, little Sanai (pink flowered dress) was still curled up in her belly, warm and safe in a cocoon of love. Out here, it's no different. Myron is an engaging, loving father figure, and Shamekka is a warm, doting mother. This family exudes positivity and joy, and they care about each other in a way that's hard to miss. 

No fake smiles here! Just love. And lots of it.