brown family at-home session

Sometimes photographers say a lot of mushy stuff about their sessions. Well, a lot of times. I know I'm absolutely guilty of this! "Sentimental" should be my middle name! But the thing is, you guys, if you're one of the lucky ones, you really do get to meet all kinds of beautiful, interesting families from all walks of life, who bring color to your world in ways you didn't think were possible. But these people become more than "clients" when you watch them grow and change as the years stack up. They become a part of your journey, even if just peripherally.

Like with this session - I last photographed Braxton a couple of years ago, when he was an itty-bitty, cooing, sleeping baby. He barely opened his eyes during our first meeting, and even in his sleep, he clasped his tiny, delicate hand around his mama's finger as if to say, "I know you're there." (And hellooo, where do babies get such a STRONG grip?!) I fell in love with him. I've been anxious to see him again, following his mom religiously on social media for updates. 

And about three weeks ago, I found myself at their new, cozy home, nestled among lush trees and bright flowers, and I spent time capturing Braxton and his parents in their safest place in the world. We wandered through their home and documented their life for an afternoon. I rolled around with Braxton on the floor during a tickle fight, chased after him on his tricycle and became mesmerized by his charisma, his sweet, kissable cheeks and knowing eyes. It wasn't work; it was joy. This family makes me happy. It feels soothing to be around them, to soak ourselves in conversation and heart-to-hearts while we click away and capture their authentic moments. I am so lucky and grateful I get to know people like this. 

This at-home sesh is one of my favorites to date. I hope you'll enjoy it too! 

The Brown Family-TRACY EDITED-0025.jpg