george family beach day

Ah, the beach. One of nature's most beautiful offerings – and my absolute favorite.

I don't get to visit the beach as often as I'd like to being that I'm based in Atlanta, and when I was growing up in West Palm Beach I didn't take full advantage of living in a place that so many people flock to for vacation and some R&R. Now every time I visit my family I make it a point to spend some quality time just sitting on the sand watching and listening to the ocean. Super healing stuff right there. So when Kareema suggested a beach day for her family session, I was delighted! Even if I am working, it's still somehow very therapeutic. 

As Kareema always does, she picked out a fabulous selection of wardrobe colors, and we were also graced with a gorgeous, glowing evening in South Florida. Messy blankets, shoes strewn about, beach shorts falling down, sand everywhere, runaway beach balls... It wasn't perfect – I never strive for that anyway – but we had a great time chasing the sunlight before it slowly and sweetly disappeared beyond the horizon.